First Year Experience Recap

During this past Fall Quarter, Learning Services had the opportunity to participate in the First Year Experience pilot program that was designed to help students from the six colleges maximize their experience at UCSD by providing them with an introduction to campus resources and services.  As you may recall, students participated in a mobile scavenger hunt type activity in the library that introduced students to library resources, services, and spaces.

We are in the process of analyzing data (both assessment and evaluation) and we are excited to present the project at three upcoming conferences:

  • 34th Annual First Year Experience Conference in Dallas, TX, which takes place Feb. 7-10th (Crystal Goldman)
  • ACRL 2015 in Portland, OR, during a TechConnect presentation on Thursday March 26th (Amanda Heath and Lia Friedman)
  • LOEX 2015 in Denver, CO which takes place April 30th – May 2nd (Crystal Goldman, Amanda Heath, Lia Friedman and Dominique Turnbow)

Additionally, we will be hosting a Lunch N’ Learn in April for all who are interested in learning more about this project and seeing the results.

The design, development and implementation of the First Year Experience was certainly a team effort and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our library colleagues.  Thanks again to everyone who supported us to make this pilot possible. We are looking forward to using student and other stakeholder feedback to improve the scavenger hunt as we prepare to be a part of this pilot again in Fall 2015.


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